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It is very difficult to compete in the globalizing world of economy. Some basic requirements are very important in this regard. It is necessary to use technology in production areas and everywhere. Issues such as conveyor belt systems and conveyor prices have gained more importance for the manufacturing industry. Conveyor systems are very useful, efficient, technological and economic systems. - 2019-06-15T115442.292

26 Dec: Conveyor Belt Types

Conveyor belts are named according to their appearance, material and durability. Main types of conveyor belts are flat conveyor belts, sergeant & lades pallet conveyor belts, grip conveyor belts, sawtooth conveyor belts, PVC conveyor belts, sidewall (bandobar) conveyor belts, impact resistant conveyor belts.


Developing technology has brought innovations that will provide great benefit in every aspect of our lives. Conveyor systems, which are widely preferred among the several sectors, provide a great convenience to all of us in carrying loads. Conveyor machines, also known as closed-circuit transfer devices, also provide great benefits in transporting loads.